Sherin Moody Hakim Wassif

Sherin Moody H. Wassif


Sherin Moody Hakim Wassif is the Co Founder of Moody Production, Marketing Director and Business Developer. Her target is to increase the company's clientele, maintaining close relationships with both old and new clients, as well as managing and updating a database for the media industry's contacts. She monitors the work of the staff to ensure that the brand is properly represented; ensures that the media product or content meets the needs of the intended audience through analysis, evaluation and testing the user expense. She is a Media professor and Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications Departments at the AUC, BUE and MSA.

Moody Hakim Wassif

Moody Hakim Wassif


Founder and Chairman of MOODY GROUP in London in 1977, Mr. Moody began his career as Graphic Designer, working with the biggest Media Organizations in Egypt, Lebanon and England. He got his MA from the Royal Academy of Art in London, and established his own company in London in 1977. His clients' list includes the BBC, British Tourist Authority, Morning Advertising , as well as several UN agencies such as Unicef ,UN Women, UNDP, UNFPA, USAID and a lot more.. He is a member of NGO, SLAT, NUJ, CSD and the British Film Academy, and has been working as Media Consultant for many organizations. He established "Moody Production", an integrated production company, and as Managing Director, he runs the day to day business, collaborating creatively and closely with his clients and brands to bring big ideas to life. He is personally responsible for the final quality control of the production to ensure that the contents meet the artistic and technical standards, and are completed on time and within the requested budget. He practically plays the role of an Executive Producer.

Azza Maurice

Azza Maurice

Assistant to the MD. She has a bachelor degree in Accounting from the Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University. Azza joined Moody Group in 2001. She began working at Moody Production in 2007. She collaborated in numerous Media Campaigns and TV projects for UN Agencies, Egyptians Ministries and major companies in Egypt. She deals with the production team members including the script writers, sound and video editors, location manager, DOP, Broadcast engineers, Casting Director, Story board artist and others.

Post Production Services

Editing Services

We have a team of experienced in-house editors who offer quick turnaround on all Post Production services.

Translation and Subtitling

We have an in-house translation and subtitling service to ensure that your videos reach the widest audience possible.

Colour Grading & Correction

This is an often overlooked post-production procedure. We are able to manipulate the colour of images in post-production to create the exact look the client desire, CGI or computer.

Extensive Sound Design Options

We can also take care of sound design services, including music composition, sound mixing and sound editing.

Animation / Infograph

Animation can help explain difficult concepts or keep an information- heavy video engaging. When used in strategic way with live footage, animation can really make your video pop.

Social Media Projects

Moody Production is a full-service digital media agency that plans, develops, and produces viral content, integrated marketing campaigns, and video advertising for companies and individuals.

Corporate meetings and Events

Our team produces projects for conventions, conferences, festivals, concerts, and corporate meetings.

Video Production Magic

Green Screen & Chroma Key setup to make better videos that sell more and increase your profits and the fastest way to turn a low budget video into a professional-looking work.